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Using the Enneagram to find Purpose, Healing and Success in Relationships

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Using the Enneagram to find Purpose, Healing, and Success in Relationships
Find Purpose, Healing, and Success in Relationships Using the Enneagram!

Do you like who you are and the person you are becoming? Do you believe that your life now is what God had in mind when He created you? Would you like to build more cooperative, deeper relationships at work and home? At a time when the chasm between who we are and who we want to be seems to be widening, many are desperately searching for resources to navigate these crises. Building a Better YOU: Using the Enneagram to find Purpose, Healing, and Success in Relationships is a proven tool with practical resources to find direction, develop healthy relationships at home and work, and overcome conflict. As a pastor, spiritual director, and relationship coach, D. Darrell Griffin has taught the Enneagram to numerous colleagues, leaders, congregations, schools, businesses, and service organizations. This 2,500-year-old spiritual system prioritizes self-awareness and self-acceptance to better understand people, giving you purpose, healing, and success in relationships.

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Find Purpose, Healing, and Success in Relationships Using the Enneagram!


• Build a Better You and a Successful Team.
• Reduce Conflict and Find Purpose, Healing, and Success
   in Relationships.
• Create a Personal Mission Statement.

If you are ready to improve your relationships and create real change, this book is for you.


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What Others Are Saying About Building A Better You Book . . .
This is a musthave for everyone who desires to have a healthy personal or business relationship. Unlock your true essence with Building a Better You today!
Reviewed by Terri L. H.
A mustread for anyone ready to get clear on how to become a better leader, build better teams, and live a better life.
Reviewed by Shaun D. M.
An excellent companion for the inward journey, teambuilding and congregational life. A mustread for those interested in spiritual growth and organizational leadership. I highly recommend it.
Reviewed by Adam C.

It should be the goal of every person and every team and D. Darrell Griffin is helping to show the way. Dr. Griffin conducted an Enneagram workshop with my staff and lay leadership team at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, providing a deeper understanding of one another and transforming the way we perform as a team. Find herein practical tools for building a stronger team and a better YOU!

Rev. Raphael G. Warnock, Ph.D.
John Maxwell

Unprecedented times call for unconventional strategies and techniques in maintaining thriving churches and nurturing congregational vitality. Christian pastoral leadership has become a team effort now more than ever. Working with Darrell Griffin on numerous other projects, I can attest to the strength of his work, the tried and true methods in this book, and the authenticity of his heart for pastoral leaders. Building a Better You will bless your life and enrich your ministry.

Rev. Dr. Debra L. Haggins, Ph.D.

Building A Better You is not for fans of systems theory or psychoanalytic approaches to selfhelp, although it can prove therapeutic. Exploring the value of the Enneagram, Building A Better You is more of a diagnostic tool, which is both deeply spiritual and very practical. It helps you understand how God has uniquely wired you, identifying your strengths and growing edges. Equally important, if you are repeatedly fielding, forming, and fixing teams, then this book will teach you how to determine who you should permit to get on the bus and who to get off the bus—to adapt Jim Collin’s apt analogy. Finally, if you are serious about learning how to level up personally and professionally, this book is a mustread. I say this not simply as a 30year friend and colleague of Dr. Griffin. I say this as a satisfied, blessed customer

Rev. Anthony L. Trufant
John Maxwell
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