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The lessons, the losses, and the part left out.

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The Lessons, The Losses, and The Part Left Out.
Glean from the wisdom found in the personal stories of servant leaders

Stories From Servant Leaders: The Lessons, The Losses, and The Part Left Out combines multiple stories of servant leaders in one place as a message of encouragement and strength for those who serve.  Bishop Randy Borders has wed both theoretical teachings and the practical experiences of serving into one text. The documented personal experiences of these men and women make this book a “living” lesson. These stories or testimonies are literally a part of their spiritual formation and servant–leader development. They are the things that make our service in ministry most powerful. There have been many books written on servant leadership and to those who sit in the second seat. What makes this work unique is hearing from the vantage point of the one who serves.

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The Lessons, The Losses, and The Part Left Out

I hope, that these stories and experiences, will give some insight, knowledge, and wisdom as you continue to serve in the Kingdom of God. Each of these servant leaders has had to grapple with the age-old question, “Is my service really appreciated by those I give myself to?” 

True servanthood is never an event, but it is a journey. These brothers and sisters have endured the warfare, the wilderness, the wrong accusations, and the weight that accompanies being a servant leader. These few pages cannot fully describe for you what a commitment to service has cost them.

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What Others Are Saying About Stories From Servant Leaders . . .
This is one of the best books that I’ve read this year. The insight and information that’s shared regarding mentorship and the relationship between spiritual parents and spiritual children is life-changing.
Reviewed by La Marcus.
Bishop Randy Borders lives what he teaches. He truly has a servant's heart and exemplifies what the bible says, "to be kind and compassionate".  Enjoy his new book filled with great stories of lessons learned by him and others with a heart to serve.
Reviewed by Elder Robin Ware.
I loved everything about it. It is sobering but important instruction. Everyone in ministry should read this and follow it.
Reviewed by Damon S.

These stories of servant leaders tell how they have found joy in serving. It shares how their lives have not been diminished by serving but rather enhanced and enriched. Open this book, walk it's pages, read the stories, learn the lessons, and then look for ways you can serve. You will never regret it and in the end, it will be one of the great joys of your life.

Bishop Timothy J. Clarke
John Maxwell

In this book, Bishop Borders has personally collaborated with some of the most renowned servant leaders to give us complete access to personal stories on the lessons, the losses, and the part left out when serving your leader. Now more than ever, this book is essential and critical for anyone serving in ministry or leadership and these same principles and apply them to your life.

Bishop Lester Love

The power of serving is phenomenon often overlooked by those who have never served. Sometimes it is even criticized and demonized. But after spending 38 years of my life with one who was consistent and faithful in serving church leaders, I have nothing but appreciation for the Servant Leader. I could not write this without thinking of my late husband, the adjutant of all adjutants, Bishop J. Delano Ellis II. He said, “Those who serve make the best leaders.” The stories shared here are only proof the time spent in the shadow is not time wasted or lost.

Dr. Sabrina J. Ellis
John Maxwell

In this book, Bishop Randy Borders moves beyond the rhetorical into the relational. It gives key points of an essential practicum from experienced leaders who live daily lives of “tallying up the true cost” to be a servant leader. It’s a must read for those interested in Christlike leadership.

Bishop L. Spenser Smith
Steven Furtick
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