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How to Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, 
and Make Your Next Move Now

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How to Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Make Your Next Move Now
Change is what happens to us, but transition is how we respond. Whether we are wrestling with changes that come through painful or sudden loss, or anticipating changes that bring new opportunities or advance our dreams, we all know the frustration of feeling stuck. The disorientation, uncertainty and fear of not knowing how to respond when we are in the “in-between” moments of life can leave us feeling paralyzed and hopeless about our future.

In Transition Decisions, Shaun Marshall shares wisdom from his personal and professional experiences to help us understand how to respond when change happens. Whether you are facing changes, struggling with grief or leading an organization in transition, this book will provide you with hope, perspective and practical insights for making your next move.

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   • Accept loss or gain positively.
   • Process change courageously.
   • Trust the unknowns implicitly.
   • Embrace your unique identity powerfully.
   • And tell your story so others can learn from your 
      wisdom personally.

Everyone makes decisions resulting in different outcomes-good and bad. By the end of Transition Decisions, you will take on any change with confidence knowing that you can get unstuck, embrace change and make your next move NOW.

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What Others Are Saying About 
Transition Decisions . . .
As I read Transition Decisions, my mind recalled the many moments in my life where Shaun Marshall personally guided me through change and helped me make the right transition decisions. Shaun has been a friend, ministry partner, and prayer partner for over twenty years. Thanks to his wisdom, I have transitioned from being stuck to living my best life now…and so will you!
Reviewed by C. Terrell Wheat
Insightful! Thought-provoking! Practical! These are the first words that came to mind as I read Shaun Marshall’s TRANSITION DECISIONS. If you are feeling the pain or positivity of change, this book will walk with you through the tough terrain of transition, and your next transition will be your best!
Reviewed by Jon Ferguson

This book will anger you as it disrupts your comfort zones. It will eradicate the excuses that have enabled your mediocrity. It will cause you to have conversations that force you into accountability. It will give you a clarity about your life that will prompt you to hunger for the life you have yet to live. Simply put, this is one of the most important books you will ever read.

Sam Chand

Many thanks to Shaun Marshall for providing such an inspiring, practical, and biblically rooted treatise on making successful transitions! We often think about the practice of "change management" in organizations, but in Transition Decisions, Shaun has provided us with a very personal guide to change management, which is where it all needs to start. Prepare to be challenged, and encouraged, to face change head-on.

Mindy Caliguire
John Maxwell

Shaun has poured powerful and practical insights from his life and leadership into the pages of this book. If you are challenged by any kind of change, Transition Decisions will not only give you hope, but also the wisdom necessary to make your next move.

James T. Meeks
Steven Furtick

Shaun has poured himself and the wisdom he has gained from years of consulting into this work. This book is a GPS that gives turn-by-turn instructions to your destination or destiny. You won’t regret taking the time to open these pages.

Randy Borders
Steven Furtick
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